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Why You Should Buy Mill Ends

'Mill ends' are the surplus yardage of yarn produced by mills every time a production run ends. Most mills do not have storage space for this surplus, and the production overrun does not produce sufficient bulk quantity to interest most of their buyers; in the past, this has meant that mill ends represented waste that simply had to be thrown away. Tonnes of perfectly good fiber every year just tossed in a landfill, or sent to be shredded for fiberfill. Fortunately, a market for this surplus material has began to open up in recent years, with mills able to find smaller buyers that they can sell the ends to at a discounted price. That extra value can then be passed on to the customer - the end result being that consumers get cheaper yarn, small businesses have better opportunities for growth and mills don't have to throw out their mill ends. It should be emphasized that mill ends are no different in quality from the yarn run they came from! Buying mill ends is not buying an inferior product, just a product that has a difficult time finding a home. We've just finished adding our own mill end collection to our wholesale stock catalog, and would encourage you to browse through the selection.

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