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The Knitting Renaissance

Knitting has been enjoying a surge of popularity since the early 2000s, driven mostly by young women in the United States. From 2002 - 2008, for example, women aged 22 - 35 pushed a 150% increase in demand for knitting social groups and workshops. Of course, we're well past the point where hand knitting is any sort of major force in clothing or textile production... so what is driving the renewed interest in knitting?

It Is An Ideal Social Activity

Knitting has a low entry cost, is not physically cumbersome or physically demanding, is slow paced and can easily facilitate conversation. The reason most widely cited for why people are picking-up knitting is that it is a safe, inexpensive and practical reason to go out and meet other people. It Is Relaxing

There is something just therapeutic about the methodical, repetitive nature of creating stitches. A low energy activity that has its own rhythm, is forgiving of mistakes and easy to get into makes for a lovely way to unwind and engage in self-care for an afternoon. You Get Something At the End

Once a project is finished, you'll have a practical piece of clothing or textile in hand. You can physically hold and appreciate the stitch work you've done and then put it to work! A well liked pair of socks, for example, are something you can wear around for months. As knitting makes its transition from industry to hobby, expect to see many fresh faces in your knitting circles and, please, be sure to give them a warm welcome into our world.

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