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The Andean Weavers

Anyone who has had the opportunity to visit Peru has doubtlessly seen (and hopefully also bought!) the beautiful fabrics displayed by many vendors in streetside stalls and shops. These textiles are both a crucial way of life for the women who create them and a cultural link to the country's past.

Weavers will make a trek upwards of 13,000 ft up into the neighboring mountains to shear the alpacas whose fleece will compose their craft, then begin the process of creating fabrics - a task that itself is woven into their everyday life. The weaving brings in money for the family while also carrying forward tradition and language from previous generations, with meaning and story held in the Quecha symbols displayed on the fished product as well as color choices and even the spin of the fibre.

We are so proud to be even just a small part of this long standing tradition, and to be able to provide our customers with the extraordinary yarns used in the creation of these textiles while supporting the people who depend on the success of this industry to sustain their way of life.

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