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Season's Greetings

Hello everyone, Christmas is finally here! Christmas has meant many things over many generations - the overlapping significance with this time in December most often coinciding with the solstice, which has universal recognition across all cultural and religious backgrounds - and rests close enough to our core selves that we even halted (albeit for moments only) worldwide conflict for its passing.

Christmas, Yule, and entirely secular celebrations of the solstice each have histories spanning centuries. The majority of western society recognizes a blending of Christian, Pagan and secular traditions; we set up decorated trees, burn Yule logs and sing carols as was common practice during Germanic Yule festivals, we give gifts and acknowledge or give worship to Christian nativity teachings and we celebrate the coming of longer, warmer days with the passage of the solstice. For those of you celebrating Christmas this year, we hope you had a very merry one (and for anyone enjoying one of the many different holidays that are here at this time in December, we hope you also had a merry one). Wishing peace & goodwill to all. Enjoy the New Year!

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