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Satinwood Ombre

What happens when you put together the naturally dark and light shades of BFL and Masham wools? You get a beautiful ombre gradient:

"Ombre" is just a fancy French word for shaded (everything sounds fancier in French, doesn't it?)

This ombre blend combines the best elements of some of the finest fleece on the market while also creating a very visually striking color transition without the use of dye. And what sort of garments would be most appropriate for this blend? Well, all sorts of outdoorswear would make for an obvious choice (especially this time of the year), including...

Don't worry, I wouldn't show you such a fabulous set of mittens like that without a plan to get you the pattern. Tune in to the blog next week and I'll have my Ravelry page ready with this design as a feature, so you can knit-up some holiday gift garments to keep little hands warm in the new year.

Merry Christmas!

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