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Mega Knitting!

Mega knitting (a very recently coined term) is the practice of using needles that are 1/2 an inch in diameter or larger. Such needles necessarily have hooks on the end and demand the use of either very chunky yarn or roving... but the benefits are incredible: For starters, knitting projects of a larger scale are much, much faster to knit to completion. Blankets and throws seem almost meant for this technique. It is also much easier than traditional knitting; mega needles are easier to handle and the stitches are much more forgiving. How many projects are sitting on a shelf uncompleted, gathering dust; a relentless reminder of a period in a life where the creative impulse was strong, but time was short or patience was somewhat diminished? If the above makes you think about your own many unfinished works, mega knitting may be exactly the solution you need, enabling you to bring a given knit from start to finish in under a day. Heck, even for those few of us that don't have the problem of starting and failing to finish a project, who doesn't want to be able to cast on and stitch together a new throw in just a few hours? Give it a shot! The silly size of the needles is a bit odd at first glance, but honestly quickly becomes part of the fun. And for an added bonus, this technique is uniquely Canadian, with the needles themselves basically being invented here!

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