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Let’s Talk Falkland Wool!

The Falkland Islands are one of the few places on Earth whose chief economic activity is still the production & sale of wool.

Working within a harsh environment, Falkland shepherds work with sturdy crossbreeds (primarily bred from Corriedales, Romneys, Polwarths and Merinos) and produce a very wide range of fibres in terms of their micron count that are almost always white and have a reputation for being easy to spin. The wool is usually also given slightly different treatment than fibres from other corners of the world because the Falklands have few pests to contend with and therefore the shepherds don’t have to use the same volume of pest control spray.

Another upside of Falklands shepherding is that there aren’t any known sheep diseases on the islands, so flocks do not have to be dipped & do not experience mulesing. For those of you looking for a product that is all but guaranteed to be pesticide free and clipped from healthy sheep, Falklands producers are going to be your best bet.

Finally, because the wool is white, it is also going to be an excellent candidate for dyers who really want to show off their own colours against a blank canvass.

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