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How to Start Knitting: Part 4

How to Knit Faster

Make knitting a daily habit

Like all skills, knitting takes practice, and the more often you are knitting (practicing) the better you will get at it. Your stitches will be more even, and your pace will be higher.

If you knit for a while every single day the small movements will settle in your muscle memory making it easier and easier for you to perform them. And after a while, your knitting needles will go a lot faster!

Learn to knit without looking at your needles

This may sound a bit odd. But, actually, you save a lot of time if you become such a confident knitter that you don’t have to look at your knitting all the time.

And, here comes the important part, if you can knit without looking at your work, you can knit whilst doing other things like reading, watching your kids play at the playground or reading a knitting magazine!

That will make it much easier for you to find more time for knitting. If you spend more time knitting you will get finished sooner. And that leads to the next point...

Knitting on circular needles

This is my biggest time saver when knitting! If it’s possible to knit a project in the round I will. I’m a really slow purler (is that even a word?!) therefore I choose to knit in the round whenever I can and I’m always on the hunt for new no-purl hacks.

Knitting in the round with needles of two sizes

This tip is for those who prefer to knit on interchangeable circular knitting needles.

If you knit tight, with high tension, it can slow you down a bit as the stitches won’t flow as easily on your left needle. Solve this problem by changing the left tip to a smaller size.

This will not mess with your gauge so feel free to go down as many sizes as you need!

Continental knitting vs. throwing

The continental knitting style and the English knitting style is the most common ones. The Continental style is a lot more effective than the English knitting style when knitting continental you hold the yarn in your left hand and pick up the yarn without letting go of your needle. This means smaller motions and therefore faster.

If you’re not a continental knitter yet maybe it would be worth the work to learn how to knit continental, if increased speed in your knitting is what matters to you.

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