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Harvest Time

The farm is an integral part of my heritage, as and spring heralds the season of planting, autumn brings harvest.

Others in my family still head out to the field, to bring in crops, but these days my harvest consists of fibres arriving from mills around the world.

August brought some stock lots from Italy, and also brought our first shipment, of our first commercially milled, bespoke line, from Peru.

The Michell mill is renown internationally for their professional service, their quality products, and for the importance placed on workers and product. Michell is where the Mirasol Project was born.

The last 2 weeks have been very exciting, and rewarding, as we welcome Haynes Creek Heathers Aran to our home, and prepare to present it to our community.

Now, to find the time to get images, and put them on the website! Patience, please!

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