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All About Knit Jewelry

Jewelry is all sorts of fun and a great way to accent your day's fashion selection, but traditional metal jewelry can be both irritating against the skin and expensive. So, today, let's talk about knit jewelry!

Yarn-based knit jewelry is a recent trend and it has really taken off in the past few years. There are patterns these days for everything from needlework earrings to finger-knit necklaces and bracelets, using the full spectrum of fiber types. Some patterns really demand to be garnished with stones, some are happy to stand on their own.

There's also a really popular trend today of incorporating beads into these projects, often with spectacular results.

Most jewelry knits are quick, though more intricate designs are of course more skills-demanding. If you have the means and want to try something really wild, there are also knits out there that involving spinning threads of silver and gold together into elegant adornments.

Jewelry naturally makes for a great gift, and for the children and/or grandchildren in your life there are all sorts of patterns that incorporate elements of their favorite media franchises. If you have someone special in your life that is getting married, a knit engagement ring set can be much more meaningful, unique and cost-effective than a traditional set.

Most of these projects are small, fun, creative and eye catching. If you want to spruce-up your look before the summer's over, consider giving some of them a try.

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