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All About Cozies

Looking for some sort of unique project that absolutely everyone will love, even if they're not into hand-knit garments? Well then let's talk cozies!

Everyone loves a good cozy. Tea cozies are the most traditional use and design; popularized by the Duchess of Bedford in 1867, these covers help to insulate teapots, keep your hands from being burned while handling teapots and can be designed with all sorts of pockets for keeping tea bags handy. They also help to protect your fine china from accidental chipping.

These days there are all sorts of cozies around: book cozies, mug cozies, tablet & laptop cozies... you name it, someone has probably designed a knit cover for it.

These projects are quick, they make great gifts and they're all-season. If you're stumped with what to do with that stash of yarn, think about what items around the house you'd like to accessorize with a cozy and knit away!

Cozies are also a hot enough item on crafts sale websites like Etsy at the moment that they're a nice way to make a few dollars on the side while doing something you enjoy. If you were thinking about giving something like that a try, I can't think of a better entry-level product to get started with.

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