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The Harvest Is Here

Gathering Yarn... A High Quality Canadian Yarn Wholesaler

Yarn is tactile

It is to be touched, to be held, to feel the fibre as it slips through your fingers. 

Yarn holds memories
It can be the warm mitts or hat on a cold winter’s day, a snuggly blanket when you are tired, or the worn out sweater that cannot be thrown out.

Yarn holds potential
Could this skein become a shawl, or a cardigan? Perhaps it is destined as a gift for a fellow knitter, or just a pretty piece of candy, to stash, and admire.

Yarn is part of my heritage

My mom knit, as did her mom, and I sat next to both of them as a child, feeding out yarn from the ball, and watching the line loop around the needles and fingers, as it meshed into the garment of the day.  I come from a long line of  knitters, back to the day of the Huddites, and the loom wars.  

Our quest at Garthering Yarn is to find yarns, gather yarns, and to bring our harvest to you.

Our Yarn Product Line

Haynes Creek Heathers Yarn

Brook Farm Yarn

Luxury Yarn

Undyed Yarn

Stock Lots Yarn

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